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Graphic Design Hackathon

A Whitespace Creative Agency (AWCA)

58, Raymond Njoku str, Ikoyi.

23 June 2018     10am - 5pm

Fee: $28 (N10K)

We believe everyone should have access to good design.

We have partnered with A Whitespace Creative Agency (AWCA) to host this design hackathon which will focus on tackling problems that the Nigerian society faces due to improper design.

The Prize

Up to $5,000.00 worth of prizes


  • Applications are open to all designers based in Nigeria

  • Applications will be reviewed by the judges and 15 participants will be chosen 

  • All 15 participants will pay a fee of ten thousand naira

  • Participants will be put in five teams of three individuals

  • One judge will be assigned to each team as a mentor

  • All five teams will be tasked to solve design challenges

The Jury

  • Seyi Olusanya (Co-founder, Da Design Studio)

  • Noella Ekezie (Creative Director, Ellae creative agency)

  • Tokini Peterside (CEO, ArtXLagos)

  • Ayona Trimmel (Curator, Bantu photos)

  • Aramide Akinosho (CEO, François Akinosho Architecture)

  • Papa Omotayo (Founder, AWCA)

  • Oroma Itegboje (Retail Manager, Alára Lagos) 

Here are five major challenges that the Nigerian society faces due to improper design

  • Housing solutions

  • Lagos public transportation system

  • Health care management

  • Waste disposal system

  • Re-imagining workstations

Each team will pick one of these challenges, identify the problem with the current situation and design a more viable solution


  • To appreciate creative designers who apply design-thinking to solving problems

  • To promote collaboration in the design community

  • To share our knowledge, expertise and to also learn from creatives in the design community

Fee: $28 (N10K)